Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wait List Movement!!

We received our I-171H approval from USCIS (immigration) on Monday. This gives us permission from the US government to adopt! I really think it should be bedazzled with glitter and sparkles since it is such an important piece of paper...but it is just printed on plain white paper. Ha! We received our approval amazingly fast. We had our fingerprints done on Tues., Dec. 7th, and we received our approval form by the 13th. I must say I am impressed with how fast USCIS is processing adoption petitions!

There was also movement on the waiting list today. We are now #20!! Based on some discussion on the yahoo forum for our agency, we are hoping to move again within the next few weeks. Craig and I have been talking about boy & girl names...seems so strange to be having those conversations again after 14 years, but it has been fun!

1 comment:

  1. all of the excitement - baby names, anticipation, etc - and none of the weight gain or stretch marks!!!

    so excited for you guys :)