Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Requirements from ET

Gosh...the Ethiopian government has been busy with new requirements throughout the past several months. They are now requiring the I-171H paperwork (the approval from US Immigration to adopt a child internationally) to be a part of the dossier. This also must be notarized, then certified by the Secretary of State's office in Topeka, then certified by the US Secretary of State in DC, AND then authenticated by the Ethiopian Embassy in DC, AND THEN it can be sent off to Ethiopia to be added to our original dossier. What are the chances of that one little packet of papers making it through all of those steps to our original dossier already in Ethiopia??!! Oh, and also by the way, that will be another $180 please. Goodness ET govt, no more pieces of paper that cost more money, please!

So after another trip to Topeka this morning, hopefully our dossier will be complete...again!! I raced the snow there and back, and still had time leftover to shop for scrapbook goodies again with my mom -- sorry Craig.

Referral news: Well...we have NONE for us...big, big bummer!! However, in the last 2 days two babies and one toddler have been accepted by their forever families which is sooo very exciting. Unfortunately for us, those families were not on the sibling list so there was only movement on the infant lists and toddler lists. Such amazing news for those kiddos and families though!!

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