Monday, December 19, 2011

Ethiopia - Day 2

Today we had the amazing opportunity to attend church with Fekadu! We went to his church, an Amharic-speaking Lutheran Church. His church partners with Compassion International and serves nearly 400 children in their program. The passion and energy in this church was unbelievable. As an extra bonus, they were also having a wedding! I have never witnessed such a lively wedding in my life!!
We then made a brief trip to the Care Center to visit our kiddos. Unfortunately, I think we woke Little A up from her nap and she started off our visit crying. She calmed very quickly though and spent the rest of our time there resting her head on our shoulders and falling asleep. I think she was scared and exhausted from being in her new environment. N was happy to see us! Braxton, Jordan, and Craig spent lots of time kicking the soccer ball around with N. He knew exactly where his ball was from the day before!! The WORST part was when we were leaving. I took Little A back to her nanny so we could leave. By the time I was almost back to the van, she was following me down the sidewalk crying. Her nanny told me, “She wants you.” I picked her up and rocked her a bit until she fell back asleep. The nannies let me put her in her bed. I certainly don’t pretend that she has attached to me (or us) in any way, but I think I just happened to be someone there who was willing to sit and comfort her after the move to a new place. Jordan ended up getting quite emotional this day also, so the two of us were not a good pair. Thank goodness we had Craig and Braxton to take care of us!

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  1. so glad you got to go to church with Fekadu! It is a great service and we were so blessed there!! Tell him hello from the Knights!