Monday, January 30, 2012


Today we are filled with gratitude! Our dear friends, Jeff and Cheryl, hosted a Welcome Celebration for our family last night. We received so many wonderful gifts from our family and friends to help welcome Nen and Achole to our family. We also received MANY donations to take to the orphanage in Ethiopia when we return. I think Cheryl, Renee, and Michelle cooked and baked for days to get ready for the celebration. What a feast of deliciousness we had! Is 'deliciousness' a word? haha! Jen also shared her rock-star creative side to create amazing picture collages and announcement cards!

We are overwhelmed with all of the prayers, words of encouragement, gifts, donations, love, and on and on and on....our friends and family have shared with us throughout this entire journey. We are so grateful!! Thank you!

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