Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good News!!

We found out last week we moved up another spot on the waiting list!! We are officially #7, with 5 families 'on hold' in front of us...this makes us UNofficially #2. Wowza! The only active family on the list in front of us has requested both siblings be under the age of 36 months (in order to maintain the current birth order in their family). This makes us #1 on the list to accept an older child (up to the age of 6). So, with this news...we will most likely not move anymore on the list until we get our referral. So exciting!!

We are very hopeful we will receive our referral by the end of the summer. Unfortunately, we may get caught up in the rainy season in Ethiopia. The courts close during the rainy season (usually begins early to mid August through the end of September). If we don't receive our referral VERY soon, we most likely would not get a court date until October. I think reality is...we won't be traveling until Fall...which is a huge bummer. Maybe we'll get a wonderful surprise this week!!

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  1. This is great news!!! So happy paperwork is moving for these precious kiddos! Hope you are able to see your little one soon!