Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An update!!

We are super close to receiving our referral (according to our coordinator)!! So close that we are no longer moving up on the waitlist when someone else receives a referral...we are THAT CLOSE to the top of the list!! The agency is currently waiting on paperwork to be completely processed on several children. He did tell us there are children in our age range already at an orphanage, but the paperwork is not complete yet. The unknown is how long that process will take. It could be done tomorrow or it could take another month...or two!! It is almost unnerving to know that our children are waiting for us, but we don't know who they are!! I would really like to call our coordinator and beg, but that wouldn't be too mature. :)

We will definitely be waiting at least until October for our first trip for court. The court will close in the next few weeks for the rainy season. It should reopen toward the end of September. This adds another hitch to our process. Our homestudy must be current through our court date...and ours expires on Oct. 15th. This means we "get" to update our homestudy, get refingerprinted, trips back to the doctor for everyone, etc. Someone really needs to tell the state a homestudy should be valid for 18 months. Who completes an entire adoption process in 12 months!?!

I got 4 shots yesterday (OUCH!!) to prepare for our travel. I have a new appreciation for the poor little babies when they get their immunizations!! Craig still needs to get his also. I have a few more shots to go since both Hep A & B are a series and possibly polio...depending on my results of the blood test for antibodies. We all four need yellow fever and typhoid, and unfortunately, our insurance doesn't cover those 2. We also all have a prescription for malaria pills. I can't decide how I feel about those since they do have side effects...hallucinations to name one. Yikes! I guess it's better than contracting malaria though. this point, we are still waiting and waiting and waiting...but we are getting closer to a referral with each passing day!

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