Friday, August 19, 2011


So just when we had gotten comfortable with the idea of a longer wait for our referral, God stepped in. Amazing how that happens.

Today, we accepted a referral of the most beautiful siblings, a boy, N, who is 8 and his little sister A who is 2 1/2. We are thrilled beyond belief that God is providing the ability for us to be a part of their lives.

Now we start the next leg of this journey with some paper updates for our home study and USCIS (immigration) approval since N is a little older than our initial age range. Then we wait for submission to court, the assignment of a court date, and our first trip to meet the kids.

Friends we are blessed beyond words. Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement and please do not stop. It's still a long road ahead for our kids and there are so many more that need our love, support, and prayers.


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  1. How wonderful!! congratulations!!!!! So excited for y'all!!!