Thursday, November 4, 2010


We have officially been on the sibling waiting list for one week. I was secretly hoping we would get a referral right away...haha!! I know the answer -- God's timing is not our timing, so we must be patient. I'm not very good at being patient. Thanks to the little tracking feature with the post office, I know our I-600A application was delivered so I'm hoping it is processed quickly.

Craig, Jordan, and I attended a fabulous meeting with our support network at church tonight. We had a guest tonight that was adopted as a baby from South Korea. Dolly shared her experience as an adopted Korean child with white parents. It was awesome to hear her positive, Christ-centered perspective!! It is amazing the number of people who are attending our group that are from other churches in the area. One couple found out about the meeting tonight because she voted at our church on Tuesday and saw the flyer. How cool is that?!?

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