Thursday, October 28, 2010

We are on the waiting list!

Today was an exciting day. Our adoption coordinator at the international agency called me twice today. All of our dossier documents were approved -- I don't have to redo any of them!!! That was a huge relief. The dossier will most likely be sent to Washington, D.C. for authentication on Monday -- basically the US government's approval saying we are who we say we are. That process should take about 2 weeks. Then the dossier is sent back to the int. agency, and they send it on to Ethiopia. So exciting to think our dossier could possibly be in Ethiopia within the next month or so.

We are now officially #25 on the sibling list. However, since we are willing to accept a child over the age of 4, it could go much faster for us since kids over the age of 4 are considered "waiting children" and they don't go through the same "wait list" process. She said we would be the first family they would go to if that situation comes up. That is super exciting to think about! ......AND now the waiting begins.

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