Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Home Study is Done!!

Monday was a crazy day! Our local agency called to tell us our home study was completely done and ready to be picked up. Yippee!! I was so excited to go pick it up and get it in the mail to our international agency -- int. agency has to have it in order to go on the waiting list!! That excitement lasted for only a few minutes, because after I picked it up...we discovered that the notary commission expiration date on the criminal clearance letters from the KBI had ALREADY EXPIRED. The Ethiopian government requires the notary date be at least one year out from now. So...I called the KBI in Topeka. They were very nice and reissued the letters with a new notary date, but this meant a very quick drive to the KBI in Topeka to pick up the new letters. I did still manage to get the home study and clearance letters in the mail on Monday. The international agency received them on Tuesday!!! Now we are just waiting to find out when we can officially be added to the sibling waiting list.

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