Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Awesome Church!

We have AMAZING people leading AMAZING ministries in our church!! Jen and Loren are doing a fabulous job kicking off the new International Adoption Network group at WFC! They have such a passion for international & domestic adoption. Russ and Tiffany are also leading the efforts to guide people interested in adoption and foster care through their ministry with the “If You Were Mine” workshops and lifegroups.

The International Adoption Network met last Thursday with a counseling expert in the area of bonding and attachment with adoptive children. We found out MNU has a nationally recognized play therapy program just minutes from our house – he recommended all internationally adoptive children be involved in play therapy for at least the first 6 months after coming home. I think we’ll be checking out that program soon! What a resource to have so close to us. We also learned that we probably traumatized our 2 older kids when they were toddlers…haha! We’re lucky they seem to be well-adjusted in spite of our lack of knowledge on how to raise children. :) Next month, we get to hear from a woman who was adopted as a toddler from Korea – she will address what her parents did well and what she wishes her parents would have done differently.

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