Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Dossier Arrived in Colorado Today!!

Our dossier arrived at our international agency in Colorado today!! I was beginning to panic that it was lost because it was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Darn post office!! I was soooo relieved to get the email from our adoption coordinator when she received it. Now it's being reviewed to see if I need to redo any of it...fingers crossed! The next step is to complete the I-600A Orphan Petition application for USCIS (immigration). We can send that form in as soon as we have our completed home study (hopefully that will be in the next week). The second requirement for this application is to have biometric fingerprints done. After approval from USCIS, we receive a form called the I171-H...this is the golden ticket. Without this, you can't bring a kiddo home...definitely not a piece of paper to misplace!!

As soon as the home study is completed we can be placed on the wait list...and then the waiting and waiting and waiting begins.

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