Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Adoption Journey Begins

So where do I begin???? I began praying/considering adoption nearly 3 years ago, but frankly, it was too overwhelming to even contemplate. There are so many children in this big world that need a forever family to love them…hundreds of thousands of them!!! How do you decide where to adopt from? Where does your heart feel a connection to? After Craig and Braxton returned home in August from their 3 weeks in South Africa with the AIDS orphans, God’s answer was crystal clear to us…He was calling us to adopt from Africa.

It has been a whirlwind ever since…completing mountains of paperwork, spending hours in workshops at the adoption agency and church, hours spent completing online training courses, trying to be patient with the bank to get one little letter signed & notarized (only took 6 visits to the local BofA branch to finally get that done), trips to the doctor for everyone, TB tests for all 4 of us, fingerprints at the police station, friends completing reference letters for us, teachers completing reference letters for the kids, proving that yes we do really have medical insurance and life insurance, cleaning and cleaning for our home study visit -- and on and on. I think my friend, Lisa’s fingers almost fell off from notarizing a gazillion pieces of paper! But, most importantly, remembering that in spite of all the hoops we must jump through, there will be an amazing ending to this story. We will be able to bring home at least 2 Ethiopian angels, and we will be their forever family!!

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